24/7 Oilfield Equipment Procurement, Delivery & Service

Franklin Howard International provides drilling rigs to the offshore and onshore industry plus materials and equipment needed to support all phases of oil and gas production. We have extensive experience serving major international and regional oil and gas production companies worldwide –– delivering the equipment and parts you need to ensure production runs smoothly.

With Franklin Howard as your trusted oilfield and gas equipment procurement partner, you’ll enjoy:

  • High quality drilling equipment and parts from top manufacturers in the United States
  • Complete warranty and after sales technical support available on all products
  • Automated stock monitoring to reduce lead-time on mission critical items

Our competitive advantage is that we are able to offer great prices on products and services with very favorable credit terms. A cost benefit analysis shows our clear advantage –– against our competitors you will quickly realize that doing business with our company is much more beneficial long term to your ultimate budget and financial goals. We invite you to request a competitive bid on your next project to experience the difference.

Going the extra mile…

We recognize the importance of delivering on time. In numerous instances we have dispatched our personnel to hand deliver critical items to our clients in rig down situations. However, our goal is to avoid these types of situations by planning ahead and working diligently to ensure your operations continue to run efficiently at all times. Contact us today for more information on implementing an automated stock monitoring system.

O&G Drilling & Production – Equipment & Parts

  • Capital Drilling Equipment
  • Complete Rig Packages
  • Pipe Handling Equipment
  • Specialist Equipment
  • Spares & Ancillary Items
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